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Whitemoney set to add another maybach to his collection

Famed winner of Big Brother Niger, dazzles his fans with a glimpse of luxury. The star recently hinted at the addition of another opulent Maybach to his collection, sparking excitement and conversation among his followers.

In a series of Snapchat posts, White Money showcased the interior of his new Maybach, teasing his audience with captions like “this one go loud, no worry,” hinting at a grand unveiling in the future. Another post featured the car with the playful caption, “do not be coming home, baby,” further fueling the anticipation.

This isn’t White Money’s first brush with automotive luxury. Back in March, he had turned heads by acquiring a Maybach Bent. Celebrating this milestone, he took to Instagram with a post that read, “miracle no dey tire Jesus,” while affectionately kissing his newly acquired vehicle. His excitement was also shared on Twitter with a simple yet impactful message: “new whip alert.”

White Money’s journey in the Big Brother house was not just about winning but also about the relationships and alliances he formed. His friendship with fellow housemates Mercy and Alliance was a strategic move to advance in the game. However, things took a different turn with his eviction, leaving many storylines unfinished.

Post-show, Mercy clarified in an interview that her feelings for White Money were purely strategic, rooted in alliance rather than romance. This revelation didn’t sit well with White Money, who expressed his displeasure through a series of thinly-veiled disses on social media. This exchange caught the attention of netizens, who drew parallels between White Money’s current situation and his past actions in the Big Brother house, particularly concerning his relationship with Queen. Many viewed Mercy’s actions as a dose of karma for White Money’s past behavior.

Apart from his recent car acquisition and the drama surrounding his Big Brother journey, White Money also made waves with a unique and humorous photoshoot in April. He was seen donning a flowered headgear, a distinct black outfit, and surprisingly, lipstick. This bold fashion choice sparked a range of reactions, with some questioning his masculinity and sexuality.

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