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Drama During Wedding Ceremony As Bride Reads Unfaithful Groom’s Texts at Instead of Vows

A bride in Australia took the ultimate revenge on her unfaithful fiancé by reading out his texts to other women at their wedding instead of saying her vows.

The bride, who wishes to remain anonymous, discovered the texts just days before the wedding. She received numerous screenshots of texts from unknown numbers that contained the phrase “I wouldn’t marry him.” You would?

Despite her friends advising her to cancel the wedding, the bride decided to go ahead with it and “out” her fiancé in front of their friends and family. She walked down the aisle, and instead of exchanging vows, she read out the texts to the stunned guests.

Alex, the groom, was visibly shocked, and he left the chapel with his best man trailing behind him.

Despite the drama, the bride and her guests chose to celebrate honesty, finding genuine love, and following your heart, even when it hurts.

The after-party was reportedly one heck of a party.

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