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Thee Pluto’s Reaction After Felicity Asked for a Wedding [Video]

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru are a young couple that shares snippets of what happens in their family on their social media platforms and YouTube.

They are both creators and they support each other by doing videos together either by having random conversations, gifting each other or pranks.

In a recent video on Felicity’s channel, she told Pluto that she had seen a nice wedding dress in an online shop and she wants him to buy it for her.

Pluto was surprised, asked her if she wants a white wedding and she said yes.

However, Pluto said that he cannot do a white wedding because that is for pure couples yet they have a child. That he would prefer a traditional wedding by the lakeside.

Felicity tried to insist that she wants a white wedding on a beach but he insisted that a traditional wedding is much better.

Watch this part of their conversation from minute 10:30 on this video.

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