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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sultana: “War At Major’s House”JJ Is Ready To Kill Asia With A Knife

In today’s episode, Bi Ua will be talking to Sultana and all sudden the phone goes off. Bi Ua starts complaining that Salama doesn’t want her to talk with her daughter. JJ asks Bi Ua what she means and can’t understand. Bi Ua tells JJ that Sultana is her daughter. JJ will be shocked and sits down.

JJ will recall how Major used to mistreat Sultana and only cry. He will recall the day Salama showed him his mother’s grave the same grave Sultana used to go to. JJ can’t believe what’s happening. Major asks him if it’s fine but JJ will not say anything.

JJ will be filled with anger and goes inside the house. He will take a knife and starts chasing Asia. JJ wants to kill Asia for keeping him secret thus has ruined someone’s life.

Major will hold JJ and tells him to cool down. Major calls Mwanzele for help because he can’t handle JJ alone.

JJ tells Asia to start speaking and explain everything. Fatima supports JJ and tells Asia is a betrayer and should make it first. Asia tells JJ that is true they exchanged him with Sultana. Asia did this because of Major because he could have killed her with Bi Ua.

JJ will ask Asia about his parents. Asia tells him that Babu Buried a woman in the middle of the night and thus was his mother. JJ will cry painfully. Asia adds that she doesn’t know much about his family. JJ will want to stand to attack Asia but Major and Bi Ua will hold him. Asia will just run away.

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