How To Text A Woman Like A Pro (5 Attractive Schemes To Use)

Building the confidence overall to master your love, dating and relationship lives. You guys are always talking about this thing that I’ve said, text, meaning business. OK. So I’m going to break this down for you because a lot of guys lately have been confused around this where they don’t develop any communication with a woman at all.

And then they’re just like Friday night at 5:00 o’clock, let’s go on a date. Yeah, might work, but then the women are like, why don’t you ever try to get to know me through text? Like why? I want to know how your day is going, things like that. So we’ve kind of taken it to an extreme and I that’s why I wanted to do this video.

So what I mean with texting business now here’s the thing guys is when you meet a woman, depending if you meet her online, if you meet her out, you approach her, you meet her through a group of friends, there were lounge, doesn’t matter. You get her number, she gives you her number, which I would hope.

Now one of the things that happens here is there’s a solid connection when you get a girl’s number or she gives you a number, right. There’s a connection. There could be a connection, I should say there that helps you understand or get to know her a little bit more. And we have to use that.

Now, when you get her number. I’m not saying that you get her number and then focus on Friday and be like, alright, I’m going to text her tomorrow and I’m going to plan a date. Hey, Brenda.

Would you like to go on a date on Friday or let’s you know that seafood restaurant we were talking about on Monday night? Let’s go there on Friday at 5:00. O’clock. Alright, fine. Yeah, that sounds great. Or have some conversation.

And then you never hear from her again. And then Friday you’re like, are you want me to pick you up or take an Uber? That doesn’t work, guys. OK, so here’s what I mean by text. Meaning businesses, we don’t want to spend 9 to 5 or 9 to 9 texting a woman about what we’re eating, what we’re doing in the day, what we’re what’s going on? Because we also want to show her that we’re proactive in our. Own lives. We shouldn’t have to fake this.

This is something that I’m talking about that should be real in your life today. So what I am saying too is make sure number one is that when I say text me in business, it’s not to say that you never go on. An emotional journey or try to get to know this woman, right? You could pick up the phone and call her, or you can send her a text here and there. Don’t get carried away with the text.

So when you get her number, send her a message. I always say as soon as you get a girl’s number, text her or give her a call and say now that we’ve got this first awkward moment out of the way of who will send the first text. Now let’s get to know each other like normal people.

That is such a great line. I have so many of my guys do that, and it works like a freaking charm as soon as you get the girl’s number. You want to be able to do this. Next is once you do that, you’ll text you back or you’ll have some conversation, things like that. Check in with her the next day and just see how her day’s going.

Send her a funny meme. Send her a funny photo. Like just check in and show her that you’re there and that you’re thinking of her, and then she’ll probably respond as well. Have a light conversation and then you end the conversation. Alright, well, I got to get back to work.

Have a wonderful day. I just wanted to reach out since I was thinking about you. You can even lead her and direct her. You can reach out to me later tonight. Tomorrow, whenever you’re free. All right, guys. See what I mean? Like, you’re still there and you even know.

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