The Surprising Thing That Happened Only Three Minutes After Uhuru Prayed For Rain

Before his recent fallout with his Mt Kenya backyard, former President Uhuru Kenyatta was the region’s unquestioned and ultimate spokesman.

This began in 2010, after former Transport Minister, the late John Michuki, said that he was the best man to lead it after the retirement of Mwai Kibaki.

In 2013, the region unanimously rallied behind his presidential bid, helping him beat CORD presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

He would convince the region that he was almost more than a man in 2017 when, while in Nyeri, he prayed for rain and it came after three minutes.

“Ngai witu nitwakuhoya, Utuhe thayo bururini witu hamwe na mbura niguo ithui hamwe na nyamu ciitu cione giakuria,” he prayed.

This translates to “Our God, we pray, give us peace in our country), give us rain so that our animals can get something to eat, our land be productive, we eat and get strength.”

A few minutes later the heavens granted his wish and opened up to release rain, convincing many that he had connection to the supreme deity.

But the same region would begin abandoning him shortly after again helping him secure a second term in August 2017, accusing him of poor policies.

Many opted to reject him because of the bad economy and his decision to team up with Raila and go against his deputy William Ruto’s candidacy.

In August 2022, it voted against Raila, apparently to punish him (Uhuru), with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua now being seen as Uhuru’s successor.

This was despite warnings from Uhuru that Ruto was not the right man for the job. He held that only Raila could continue what he had began and should have been considered for the job.

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