Video Reveals How Neymar And Rihanna Dated Secretly

Today, we will be showing proof that Rihanna and Neymar Jr. secretly dated sometime ago.

The very first female musician to become a billionaire is none other than the living legend, Rihanna. Rihanna is famously known for her hit songs, the Savage x Fenty brand, her wealth, and most importantly, her relationship history.

With respect to her being a mother now, I would like to tell you about a secret relationship Rihanna is probably hiding from us all. Chris Brown, Drake, Hassan Jamal, Matt Kemp, Travis Scott, and Karim Benzema are known to be her famous ex-boyfriends.

Did you know that Rihanna once dated Neymar Jr?

Neymar Jr. is a professional footballer who’s been categorized as one of the top and most valuable football players in the modern game. Neymar is also known for his footballing skills, lavish lifestyle, handsomeness, and, just like Rihanna, his relationship history. Neymar Jr. has also dated a lot of models over the years, and just like Rihanna, Neymar also has a kid.

Rihanna is known for being a huge fan of football because she goes to stadiums to watch live matches, and she’s been spotted interacting with some huge names in football, Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo. How did we get to know they once dated?

We can’t expect them to go live on Instagram and tell us all the people they dated, but, as always, nothing stays hidden forever. Neymar and Rihanna have been spotted several times at events, which might look normal since they’re all celebrities, but there’s something these two have in common that makes me believe they once dated. Look at this picture.

What do you see in common here?

Nothing? Well, look at the tattoos on their fingers. A coincidence? No!

Neymar actually has a lot of tattoos on his body, and most of them are for his loved ones, families, and football moments. Rihanna, on the other hand, has quite a number of tattoos on her hands and chest, and they all mean a lot to her. I think Neymar and Rihanna got these tattoos when they began dating probably a decade ago to show love and affection to each other, but since no one knew, it ended even before we realized it had been going on.

If Neymar and Rihanna really dated and no media house had a clue about it, then I guess there’s a lot these celebrities are hiding from us. Rihanna is now a mother, back in music, and living with her boyfriend, ASAP Rocky, and Neymar, who already has a grown child, is also playing for the Brazilian national team and Paris Saint-Germain in France with his best friend, Lionel Messi, who recently won the FIFA world cup.

Do you think these tattoos were just made by coincidence, or do you also suggest that they really date back some time ago?

Watch the video below if this article isn’t clear enough to convince you that they might have dated earlier.

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