Hard Truth: Many Has Gone Wrong Under The Watch Of Nana Addo, A Man Who Promised Ghanaians Heaven

Everything that is aimed at improving our environment, could it be that Nana Addo has superintended over its worst effect.

It’s like Nana Addo’s regime has been plunged with many happenings that have pinned his governance as underperforming.

Below are some of the very things that changed positions from bad to over worst. Should he be blamed for all the occurrences or it’s just another experience of the passage of time?

Firewood and charcoal were discouraged just so we can save the forests, the alternative which is gas has become expensive under Nana Addo. 

Treated water which was introduced to get people off from drinking untreated water has become expensive, and people would go back to drinking contaminated untreated water.

Our forests which needed to be protected and our water bodies, have given way to greedy galamsey activities under Nana Addo.

Though under Nana Addo a lot has been seen its growth and development from being stagnant to a fully functioning reality.

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