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Friday, December 2, 2022

These Are The Players With Most Career Free Kick Goals.

Every player has soo many ways of scoring goals to help themselves and their team’s, others like to score from penalty kicks while some are also fantastic in free kicks whether from long range or short range.

Lionel Messi of Paris Saints German and Christiano Ronaldo of Manchester United are the players with the most career free kicks.

Comparing these two players in terms of free kick goals, Lionel has only 4 free kick goals in his football career in the 2011 while Christiano Ronaldo also has 30 free kick goals in his career across all competitions.

But in 2022, Lionel Messi of Paris Saints German and the Argentina national team has surpassed Christiano Ronaldo with 60 free kick goals for both club and national team across all competitions. Christiano Ronaldo has also scored 58 career free kick goals for both the Portugal national team and his club team.

They hope to score more goals to increase their tally.

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