How to make your post on Instagram gain more likes in 2022?

During the last years algorithms of Instagram have changed drastically. If earlier in the days you could get more likes by simply liking other people, today you have to apply some knowledge about social media marketing and put in actual efforts and time if you want to make your publication go viral. However, you can learn a thing or two to make that path easier: in this text you will be able to find some general advice on how to make your post on Insta gain more likes than you’ve ever done: we’ll talk about a chance to buy Instagram likes, about hashtagging and geotagging.

Let’s start with the free options

So, if you want to increase the visibility of your post on Instagram and get decent results, you should firstly learn how to use hashtags correctly. In 2022 they still work, they truly do, but only if you’re using them correctly. There is no need to pack up to 30 tags under one post – it will only make the situation worse. But if you’d use nearly 5-10 tags for one post and would make them highly relatable to the content that you’re posting you’re going to be able to attract way more people than before. 

While gathering tags for your post, try to use the mindset of your possible audience: what words would those people use to look up the content or the goods that you’re trying to promote? These are exactly the tags that you should use for increasing the visibility of your posts.

Geotagging can help a lot too: don’t set a usual geo location that you’re using on a daily basis. Instead of that, think of the places that people in your city might use to monitor interesting events, shops, cafes, etc. Choose the one nearby (if your page on Instagram is bound to a certain location, if not, you can choose whichever you like best) and use it for the next post of yours. You’re going to see an increase in views and likes of the post as well.

What’s available for money

However, all of that might not be enough to give your post enough boost. But a possibility to buy real Instagram likes can do just well – if you’d purchase real thumbs up, you will be able to induce the process of natural increase of views and thumbs up on your page. The thing is: if Instagram algorithms will notice that you are having lots of new interactions with the new viewers and readers, these will start showing your posts in the recommended way more often.

Real thumbs up will also make random viewers sure that your content is already valued and interesting to others: this is a nice psychological trick that works on most people, because no matter who says what, people still orient on the number of likes and comments that other people have.

Use all of the methods that we have described to sufficiently increase the number of views and thumbs up on your posts and don’t hesitate to invest some money into the promotion of your profile. The payoff is going to satisfy you later.