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Monday, October 3, 2022

Mahama Told Bawumia But He Failed To Listen: Ghanaians React As Tilapia’s Cartoon Art Sparks Fusses

Tilapia the cartoonist known for his deep detailed description of current happenings on the country’s political front can’t be overlooked, as he wowed Ghanaians with another exceptional creative piece on the Ghanaian cedi.

The Ghanaian cedi as described by all is on a free fall on the world economic ladder as its potency and economic muscle have seen a swift decline in just three months with little or no intended intervention from the handlers of the economy.

Tilapia’s comic art on the said situation has drawn and attracted massive Ghanaian involvement in terms of candid expression on the worrying matter.

The cartoon art highlighted the jailbreaking of the cedi and the unconcerned posture of the vice president’s concentration on digitization with a baobab tree which is widely known for its supportive covering as shade burnt and dried without a meaningful use.

The plainspoken of Ghanaians on this matter spell their distasteful frustration over the matter.

Below are comments from Ghanaians:

• Now, Ghanaians and more especially, the energetic youths who mostly defend these politicians will start retreating from their steps. Leadership in Ghana is all about mere words and not actions. Younger people are managing other countries but those countries are progressing.

•These old people have hijacked the leadership of this country all because they’ve read theoretical books in schools. When given the chance, some young people have what it takes to run Ghana successfully.

• Mahama told Nana Addo and Bawumia that they don’t know what it takes to be President, years down the line, this statement is true.

• This man has been exposed big time. Our economic messiah has turned into a digital avatar who is afraid of the economy he is managing.

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