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Jackie Appiah did not act wisely by displaying her mansion online- Bulldog asserts » ™

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The actress who burst onto the scene in the youth-oriented TV series ‘Things We Do For Love’ produced over two decades ago, instantly jumped to the top of the trends on social media last week thanks to Nigerian actress Luchy Donalds who was blown away by her incredible aura and rich lifestyle after she visited her in Accra and filmed every part of her house.

The buzz centred around the mainstream actress is whether she single-handedly put up this huge and beautiful mansion from funds accrued from her acting career over the years or if she has ‘unseen’ characters supplying her with money after opening her legs for them.

While adding her opinion to the issue in the last edition of the United , Artiste Manager and pundit Bulldog said it was unwise for the actress to have had her opulence shown to the rest of the world.

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He concluded by saying that Jackie would have been forgiven if the virality of her mansion was for commercial or endorsement purposes since GRA would pursue her for unpaid taxes.

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