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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Peaceful demonstration is priceless, Belgium has something to tell Ghanaians

There seems to be a global recession in everything and it has affected economic growth, food, and living conditions worldwide. Almost every country under the sun is facing hardship.

Today is the 2nd day of Arise Ghana demonstration. Yesterday turned bloody as civilians clashed with guards in the country, and many injuries have been recorded. Ghana as well as other countries across the world are facing hardship, whereby fuel costs affect the living conditions of citizens. There is an adage in Akan that says, “Se nframa de Kuku Kuku pe ade3 onya,” meaning, ” the wind with force cannot claim anything.” The truth of the matter is you can’t force leadership to hear you by exerting force on them, but with peace and patience, you can get them to hear you.

Amidst the global hardship, citizens of Belgium also took to the streets to demonstrate peacefully to send signals to their leaders to do something about their conditions. This is how a demonstration ought to be conducted. Peace has a louder voice than violence.

Ghana, as well as Belgium, demonstrated no evil or violence was heard in their demonstration. It is a matter of expression and not fight. Therefore, let us bet for demonstration free without violence and our country will not be sitting on thorns next time. Thank you.

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