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I Never Wanted To Get Married Or Have Children, My Wish Was To Be A Roman Sister- Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Marriage expert and relationship counselor Charlotte Oduro has disclosed that she never wanted to get married or give birth.

The marriage expert disclosed the perception she had about marriage due to where she lived and what she saw growing up as a child.

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Counselor Charlotte disclosed that as a young lady growing up in the Zongo community, her only wish was to become a Roman sister so she could skip marriage and give birth. Counselor Charlotte disclosed that she witnessed husbands and boyfriends harassing and abusing their female partners which made her lose interest in men.

I witnessed men beat up women, and that got to me. I saw men as heartless beings. I was also told that women go through terrible pains at birth and for that, I never wanted to become pregnant. I decided to be a Roman Sister,” she disclosed in an interview with Kwaku Manu on ‘Aggressive Show.

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The marriage expert further shared how her mother ensured she lived a chaste life and avoided bad company and also led her to God. According to Counselor Charlotte, she married her husband as a virgin.

She said: “My mother led me to God. She doesn’t even have a friend, just members of her church. She was always reading the Bible in her room. Although we lived in Zongo, our lifestyle was different. She put some fear into us and warned us never to have sex with a man or else we will get pregnant.

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