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I Was Ready To Do Prostitution In Kuwait If I Had To – Lady reveals

Kuwait based Ghanaian Cynthia has revealed that she was undisturbed about the rumours she had heard about Kuwait and did not mind sleeping with men for money. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Cynthia revealed that she could not earn GHs1000 monthly as a seamstress in Ghana. Cynthia mentioned that she accepted to migrate to Kuwait despite her family’s disapproval.

According to her, Ghana immigration showed her videos of how some female foreign nationals in Kuwait are allegedly treated. 

“The video I saw was two men having sex with one lady, and they told me that is the job I may end up doing in Kuwait. I told them that no one gives me money after sex in Ghana, so if they will pay me for sex, why not?”

Cynthia added that upon arrival in Kuwait, she worked as a housemaid for an Arab family for two years. After her contract ended, her employers gave her a choice to come back home or find another job in the country. 

“Presently, I live alone but go out to work as a housemaid. I have not regretted coming to Kuwait because I have been able to do what Ghanaians in Europe do back in Ghana.”

Cynthia travelled to Kuwait in 2016. The agent informed her that “I’ll make 70KD (GHS1000) monthly. I would not have come here if I could make GHS1000 monthly. Now, I make 250KD (GHs6200) per month.”

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