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PK Sarpong Writes- The Demands By Utility Companies For Consumers To Pay Huge Bills Sound Outrageous

Popular writer for the ruling NPP, P.K Sarpong has asserted that, the demands by the Utility Companies for consumers to pay huge bills is outrageous.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Saturday, 14th May 2022, he wrote;

“Admittedly, the demands by the utility companies for consumers to pay these huge bills sound outrageous.

Notwithstanding this, they may have justifications in asking for some adjustments in utility bills. The fact still remains that the percentages they are quoting are abnormal.

The contagion effect of these demands lie in the reality that workers will demand increases in their wages and salaries and that would also be justified.”

P.K Sarpong further argued that, a second look has to be taken by the PURC and the entities it works for. The reality is that Ghanaians cannot pay what are being demanded. The percentages have to come down. They need capital injection and we all know that we are not paying fully for the water and power we use.

He said that efficiency must be the watchword going forward. Ghana Water asking for this high increase in tariffs is on the high side. How efficient is the sector? ECG finds itself in a similar situation.

The popular writer for NPP ended that, holistic approach must be adopted to look at these matters. We must delve into these matters well. The wastes in these sectors can be cut down and same would drive prices down.

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