LOOK: Cyril Ramaphosa promises to create more jobs

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Cape Town – President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to create more jobs as the unemployment numbers continue to rise in the country.

He told ANC members in Bloemfontein on Saturday, during the launch of the Letsema campaign, that the party wanted to create more jobs and this would lead to economic growth.

The party was concerned as there were also a number of young people who were not in the labour market.

Ramaphosa also said ANC leaders would visit KwaZulu-Natal in the rebuilding plans after the province was hit by floods.

He also said they wanted to clamp down against corruption in municipalities, provinces and at the national level of government.

In the efforts to fix KZN after floods claimed more than 400 lives and damaged buildings, roads and infrastructure they have allocated more than R1 billion and more funds will be allocated to the province.

“As the national government we have said we have already made a billion rands available to help in the recovery process in KZN. We are going to add more resources, more money.

“The next phase of Letsema is going to be in KZN where we are going to as the ANC get down to work to help the reconstruction that must take place in KZN. I am very pleased that the leadership of the ANC has decided that we must go and help our people in KZN with our physical work,” said Ramaphosa.

He also told members of the party they were concerned about the number of unemployed people, particularly the youth.

He said they wanted to create more jobs.

The latest figures show that unemployment has increased in the country.

“We are going to do everything in our ability and power to create jobs. We are going to help our businesses both here in the local municipality, in the province and at a national level to create jobs so that our people can find employment. We are not happy that so many people in our country are not working and we are doing everything to restructure our economy, to reconstruct it and help it to recover so that jobs can be created,” said Ramaphosa.

The more they got people into the labour market the better for economic growth.

The government wanted to crack down on corruption in all spheres, he said.

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