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Only about 22% of Ghanaians have tested for COVID-19 – GSS

Some Ghanaians being vaccinated Some Ghanaians being vaccinated

38% of Ghanaians did not take COVID-19 test due to fear of Stigma, GSS

Over 70% of Ghanaians still receive lower income due to COVID-19

Ghanaian household spends averagely GH¢12 on PPE

The 3rd COVID-19 Households and Jobs Tracker by Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has indicated that only about 22 percent of Ghanaians have ever taken a COVID-19 test.

According to the GSS, nearly 38 percent of Ghanaians did not take the test because they fear they would be stigmatised once they test positive.

The report added that some Ghanaians could not test for COVID-19 due to the unavailability or the distance of testing facility.

“The most common reason (37.8%) people give for people in their community not getting tested is the stigma around testing positive for COVID-19. Just 5.9% of indicates that the unavailability or distance to a testing facility (3.8%) is the reason people do not get tested for COVID-19,” the report said.

The GSS also indicated that about 36 percent of Ghanaians said it was hard for them to get tested for COVID-19 in their communities.

The report also indicated that about 27 percent of Ghanaians said their income has recovered to their pre-COVID-19 income level which implies that over 70 percent of Ghanaian still have lower incomes.

The GSS also stated that on the average Ghanaian households spends GH¢12 on personal protective equipment (PPE) such as nose mask, sanitisers, face marks and shields.

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