Prof Gyampo wades into Majority-Minority fiasco


Professor Ransford Gyampo

A professor at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana, Ransford Gyampo, has revealed that Ghana’s leaders do not have the capability to build a consensus.

In an interview with Akua Boakyewaa Yiadom on Burning Issues on Adom FM, he explained that parliament is currently hanged due to the equal numbers by both the Minority and the Majority groups.

He said, the Majority should, thus, show leadership by discussing whatever decision to be taken in parliament with the opposition party behind the scene before it is brought up on the floor of the House so as to ensure a peaceful parliament because the Minority group has nothing to lose.

He stressed on the fact that a hanged parliament can only work effectively only when the ruling party works hand in hand with its opposition party.

“The kinds of leaders we have right now are not leaders who can build a consensus; they are not used to consensus building. The history of our 4th Republic indicates that from 1992 to the end of 2020, parliament never understood its work. They behave as a mere rubber stamp and only respond ‘yeah yeah’ to whatever decision the Executive takes,” he said.

“I think Gabby Otchere-Darko went to John Dramani Mahama’s house to speak with him that let there be dialogue. This is what is called maturity. I know Gabby played a major role in reconciling the late Jerry John Rawlings and Akufo-Addo but his visit to the former president is an admission of failure of the majority to build consensus,” he said.

Parliament has recently become hot seat as there has been series of brouhaha among parliamentarians over some decisions.

Ghanaians have expressed their regrets as their hope was to select these leaders for the betterment of Ghana only to witness them fight among themselves over decisions.


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