Just because she is poor and needs money, you decided to abuse her: Netizens descend on young man


There is a video circulating this afternoon and it is very disrespectful to women. A man decided to use his little wealth as a basis to abuse a little girl, who came by to ask for money. I wouldn’t want to talk about this whole issue without exposing you to what happened. For this reason, I decided to put the link to the full video over here.

Celebrity blogger is an award winning blogger who decided to let this video out. Normally, we see little children asking for money from pedestrians in traffic. Most of them wouldn’t like to do that but, if they don’t do that, they are not going to eat. They have been victims of certain circumstances.

It is not by force to give these kids money. If you think you want to give them the little you have, you go ahead without making them feel less of themselves. This is what we call respect and it is very important that we respect everybody irrespective of their status.

A young man before giving one of these kids money, decided to kiss her before handing over the money. What makes this whole thing sad is the fact that, he was only giving her a cedi.

One may argue that there was no physical contact since he had rolled the glasses but that isn’t going to stand. The whole idea behind this action isn’t one which needs to be tolerated.

Nobody goes around making women feel less of themselves and I hope the IGP sees this video.

Netizens after seeing this cannot believe how a grown up can be so irresponsible and decided to fire him. I took a few comments from them and they can be found below;

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