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Happy 47, You Make 47 Years Look Easy- Lawyer Nti Reveals Clemento Suarez’s Age

Ghanaian comedian Richmond Xavier Amoakoh popularly known as Lawyer Nti is making headlines with his latest message about Clemento Suarez, his friend. The traffic on Lawyer Nti’s Facebook platform is overwhelming because fans are surprised with the age that he gave to Clemento Suarez on his birthday.

Lawyer Nti about 6 hours ago took to his Facebook platform known as NtimiNation posted that Clemento Suarez is 47 years today which is 8th of December, 2021. But most fans and netizens commenting on her Facebook platform were very surprised and thinks that Clemento Suarez is not yet up to that age.

The actor and comedian of the TV series Kejetia vs Makola fame also said that, Clemento Suarez makes 47 years easy and cool and wishes for the blessings of God to be with him.

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Below is the birthday message he posted on Facebook platform this morning.

A fan on another platform used the information from Lawyer Nti and wished Clemento Suarez on “Tell IT All” platform. Several people have their perspectives about the age of the popular actor and comedian but Lawyer Nti later on showed up in that platform and said that he was joking about it.

He wrote, he is 47 years today s3n? Warrisdat? Somebody can’t play with his friend in peace again?

Can we say that Clemento Suarez is indeed 47 years today or he isn’t? What do you think about Lawyer Nti’s two posts.

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