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‘Ronaldo’s Lunch Is Like A Training Session’

The duo played together for Man United between 2006 and 2009

Patrice Evra has hilariously recalled enduring a ‘boring’ lunch at Cristiano Ronaldo‘s house – with the Manchester United legend sharing just salad, plain chicken and water with his former team-mate.

Ronaldo’s determination to have the perfect diet has left players at Old Trafford in awe, and it is no surprise that this sheer drive has resulted in him winning countless trophies and personal accolades.

But Evra, who is now retired and played alongside the superstar between 2006 and 2009, has jokingly shared his distaste for Ronaldo’s uninspired culinary choices.

He told talkSPORT: “Cristiano, first of all, as a person and human being, is so generous, so nice and people don’t see that face. But he is a winner. He is addicted.

“For example, when we had training at 10am, Cristiano was already there for 8am. When we had finished training, he was still on the pitch practicing.

“When he invited me for lunch… don’t ever go for lunch, because you are going to have one of the most boring lunches at Cristiano’s; it is salad, plain chicken and water. There isn’t even fizzy water.

“After that, we went into the garden, trained for a little bit, went swimming, went to the sauna and at one point I looked at him and said: ‘Bro, we have just finished a training session, why do we have to do a second training session?”‘

This is not the first time Evra has mentioned Ronaldo’s meals. The now 40-year-old, back in 2019, shared a picture of the two stars together at a lavish event, and comically added in what they may have been saying at the time.

His tweet read: “@Cristiano: ‘Are you coming for lunch or no?’ Me: ‘Thank you but I just retired so I don’t need another training session’.”

And just two weeks before that post, Evra again took another cheeky dig about how lunch with Ronaldo is like taking part in his strict fitness regime.

“He is a machine!” the ex-full back wrote, accompanied by several laughing emojis. “Just don’t go to his house for lunch it’s like another training session!”

His Typical Daily Meals:

Breakfast: Cheese and ham, low-fat yoghurt

Brunch: Chicken and salad

Lunch: Tuna, olives, egg and tomato

Snack: Fresh fruit, avocado on toast

Supper: Fresh swordfish and salad

Dinner: Calamari


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