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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wendy Shay Dragged After Revealing The Party She Will Vote For In 2024

Self-acclaimed queen of GH music Wendy Shay has been dragged on social media for being selfish after revealing the party she will vote for in 2024.

Wendy Shay posted lamenting over how the ban on alcohol and betting companies not to be influenced by celebrities is making musicians hungry as they aren’t getting other companies to sponsor their works or even take them as brand influencers.

She then claimed that she will only vote in 2024 for the party that lift the ban on alcohol and betting and that didn’t sit down with some netizens hence dragging her for making such a decision just because of her selfish interest.

Some fans tried defending her stance saying parents of the kids could just control them but they seem to forget the kind of influence these celebrities have on us all even grownups and other fans made them realize the risk involved.

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Others were just savage with her saying no political party in Ghana is going to lift the ban hence she better gets others in other to earn more money saying even nurses are poor how much more a musician like her.

The question is why do these artists need alcohol and betting companies to sponsor them when they can get other alternatives for themselves and they need to realize that the influence they have on people is so huge to promote such things.

screenshot below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com

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