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Saturday, November 27, 2021

My Ex-Police Wife’s Husband is a GAY- Funny Face Blows Hot

Funny Face has blown hot again with glimpses of his faculties declining after he took on his former wife in a new post he shared on Instagram.

The actor and comedian stated that his former wife Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim dumped him only to marry a gay man who she was cheating while they were still married.

In a video he has now deleted along with this caption, Funny Face went on a tirade saying; “Herh Yaw Boateng, you have followed a*s and disappointed yourself, I have been crying,” he said. “This life is wicked, do you know that the guy my ex-wife got married to is called Blazer, yes and he was the guy that she cheated on me with during the relationship,” he said in a new video and added that “I have been crying”.

“THE PAIN in my heart is too much .. they made a GAY went to marry my Ex POLICE wife” “Herh woman go show you … Someone has slept with my wife and married her, I didn’t take the 7:30 medicine, it calms me down,” he said.

“Someone has slept with my wife and married her, another one too has given my child to another man because of money, Yaw Boateng I am tired … I want to go to Psychiatric again, take me back to psychiatric,”

“She was with Blazer before she met me, so when I was with her, she was still sleeping with the guy. I caught them and I said I can’t, that was when she came to lie on me that I was a two-minutes man”.

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“Today look at what God has done, the two-minutes man is giving birth up and down, how about you my sister? I know we don’t tease people with childbirth,” “Fools and animals gays and lesbians … mboaaaaa.

THE PAIN in my heart ❤️ is too much .. they made a GAY went to marry my Ex POLICE wife .. to fight my agenda .. and make it look like .. because my Ex-Police Wife husband is a GAY .. so am targeting dem .. Mtweeew.. with all Dat you have done .. you chop Lizzy saaaaaa… I marry am all you Dey chop

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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