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Husband sends wife to parents nak3d after catching her cheating

Marriage is a life-long journey that requires faithfulness, loyalty, respect, and overall trust.

The above, a husband lost in his wife the very moment he caught her red-handed having quality time with another man in a guest house.

The Kenyan man, who did not want to spark a misunderstanding, is said to have bundled his wife, still naked, and transported her to her parents.

The said ‘lover boy’ managed to flee after he was busted in the act.

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According to a Facebook user named Simon Aswani, who witnessed the event, the man and his naked spouse hopped onto a motorbike to transport them to her parents.

He also attached the woman’s cloth probably as evidence.

The photo, which has since gone viral, has attracted diverse opinions.

The majority think his action is in the right direction while others differed that he should have respected his wife’s nudity.

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