No One Is There To Help Shouldn’t be Your Excuse, No One Is Obliged To Help You

Singer and record label owner DBlack has a word of advice and motivation for people who depend on the help others give them saying no one is obligated to help you.

DBlack using his life and how he made it through the music industry said the excuse that no one is there to help you is not valid because no one is obliged to help you in any way and your future depends solely on you alone.

According to him, he came from a broken home where his mother did her best to take care of him hence was expecting him to go to school and become a doctor or lawyer but not a musician therefore, he has to find his own way through thick and thin to make it since he chose music.

DBlack then added that the help people give you should be looked at as if the bonus and not be used as an excuse that no one is there to help you since no one in this world is obligated to help you in any way and only you can control your destiny and no one else.

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Therefore, as you start off your day just know that people who have been in worse situations, positions, and circumstances than you have made it in life and are successful in their own right because they refused to give up and fought for their dreams to come true.

DBlack then encouraged the individual saying if people in worse situations more than yours have made it, why can’t you ask them to go and get it whatever they plan their future to be on their own terms provided it is of good course and not something bad.

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