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Importing arms is very lucrative in Ghana now

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Derick Oduro, Former Deputy Defense Minister

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The Former Deputy Defense Minister, Major Retired Derick Oduro has alleged that some Fulani herdsmen are continuously bringing arms into the country through unapproved routes.

According to him, they (herdsmen) tie the guns around the abdomen of the cows and sometimes in their luggage when coming to Ghana from other African countries including Northern Nigeria, Northern Togo and Benin.

The Former Minister said, “You will never see the gun. They will tie it around the cow. Sometimes you can see they are coming in a number of 5000 and you will see some have tied their belongings and being carried in the middle and they enter into the country without any screening. The chiefs accept them and give them lands and then they end up destroying crops and people’s properties like what happened at Agogo,” he said.

Recent crimes in the country, including armed robbery, murder and display of arms by some individuals are causing fear and panic among citizens.

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A typical case is when the Founder of Glorious Word and Power Ministries, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah stormed the residence of converted fetish priestess, Agradaa, who is now Evangelist Mama Patricia, to face her for continuously abusing him verbally on social media.

The controversial Clergyman went with some young men who were also seen displaying guns and allegedly threatening the police who tried to put the situation under control at the scene.

Speaking on the proliferation of arms on Atinka FM’s morning show, AM Drive with Host, Kaakyire Ofori Ayim, Major Retired Derick Oduro said some refugees come into the countries with guns without going through screening, adding that some also import guns through the ports.

Major (Retired) Derick Oduro said some people hide the guns in engines and gas cylinders and neatly cover them and then import them.

He said people import guns because it has become a lucrative business.

“It has become a lucrative business. If an armed robber gets a gun, he will make a lot of money with it and so it is a business that is very lucrative.

Meanwhile, Major Retired Derick Oduro noticed that most of the guns have not been registered, adding that some inherit them from their fathers and therefore do not register them at all.

He urged those who go for guns for their personal security to register them or re-register them.

He also commended the security agencies for always patrolling especially at night to make sure people have peace.

Major Retired Derick Oduro also urged the youth to enter into entrepreneurship and not to fully rely on the government for jobs considering the crowd at the recent job fair.

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