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#TrendingGH: Burning excavators on galamsey site was a wrong decision

A photograph of a Ghanaian who spoke to GhanaWebplay videoA photograph of a Ghanaian who spoke to GhanaWeb

• Some Ghanaians believe government should have used the excavators for other construction works than burning them

• In the last couple of days, some excavators have been burnt over claims they’re being used for illegal mining

• Authorities have said the decision to burn the excavators is part of the measures to curb illegal mining

Scores of Ghanaians have stated that the decision by the government to burn some 8 excavators being used for illegal mining activities “galamsey” in the country was wrong.

According to them, the excavators could have been used by state agencies for construction work which will help in developing the country.

Speaking to GhanaWeb’s Amos Ekow Coffie on #TrendighGH, they suggested that the government should rather have educated the miners on the safe and appropriate ways of mining using the excavators than burn them.

“The government should have rather used the excavators to help develop the nation in other sectors like construction rather than burning, this is a wrong move,” one of the respondents at the 37 Military lorry station told GhanaWeb.

Watch the full interview below:

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