Apply Wisdom When Prophesying – Celestine Donkor To Cecilia Marfo

Prophetess, Cecilia Marfo continues to trend in connection with her issues with fellow musician Joyce Blessing after she interrupted her ministry to give a prophecy during a worship event in Kumasi.

Cecelia, who once slapped Brother Sammy during her song ministry, once again displayed her prophetic gift by running onto the stage while Joyce was ministering a song. Going up on stage, Cecilia took the microphone away from Joyce and ordered her to return to her husband, as God inspired her to tell him about her. All this Cecilia Marfo fuss has made many people wonder what kind of spirit she operates in.

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As many are sharing her views on the event, gospel musician Celestine Donkor in an interview has advised her to apply wisdom to her prophetic ministry to avoid unnecessary criticism from the public.

“You see everyone and their level of faith, and their strength, the inner strength as to what they can take, what can break them and what can push them into depression. And these are very unpleasant things to talk about. We are not proud to talk about these things”.

She additionally noted that she has had an encounter with Cecilia Marfo and has given her prophecies, that is why she cannot challenge her ministry but instead she urges her (Cecilia Marfo) to apply wisdom to when she is administering her prophecies, for each individual is in a different situation.

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