Adiyiah Keen To Learn Serbian


    On loan AC Milan striker Dominic Adiyiah says he is getting on well with the Serbian language and plans to teach his Ghana team-mates some few Serbian words.

    Adiyiah has been talking about life in the Eastern European country with the local press and says he is not the quiet person.

    “I’m a chap enjoying a good laugh. I’m learning Serbian language steadily and when others have a laugh I ask Kizito to translate it to me so that I can enjoy too. Atmosphere within the squad is wonderful and everyone’s openness means a lot to me.

    “I Don`t know…I`ll try with “good morning”, “good afternoon”, “how are you” and others that, let`s say, I cannot recall now “I can always speak to coach Stanojevic when something is not clear to me and it’s clear that keeper Stojkovic always wants to share a joke with us foreigners.”

    The 2009 World Youth best player also said he enjoys the Ghanaian music. “I love Ghanaian music and I can’t define it as a genre, as it’s pretty much different to music I’ve heard in Europe. I also like gospel music and that’s about it listening-wise.” Adiyiah explained the reason for choosing the number 40 at the club.

    “That`s a number I wear in Milan. I wanted number 20 there and I wanted it here as well, so I opted to double it to be twice the better player and I hope I`ll be lucky with it.” Adiyiah will make his Serbian league debut next weekend.

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    Adiyiah Keen To Learn Serbian