5 Browns Quintet Perform in Wake of Dad’s Sex Abuse Revelations



    The 5 Browns did not hint at the scandal that has rocked the family, during the group’s concert on Friday – their first performance since their father pled guilty earlier this month to molesting his three daughters.

    The 5 Browns – a talented piano group made up of siblings Ryan, Melody, Gregory, Deondra and Desirae – kept the crowd of several hundred fans in Beaver Creek, Colo., focused on their remarkable musical prowess and kept their words confined to their music during a public rehearsal, a meet-and-greet with piano students and the live performance Friday night.

    They took the stage at the Vilar Performing Arts Center and went straight into a performance of “The Planets,” written by Gustav Holst and Greg Anderson. The 5 Browns took turns introducing different pieces of music throughout the performance with smiles, laughs and jokes for the crowd, never once showing any signs of a family whose private nightmare had just been exposed to the world.

    Desirae Brown, 32, may have inadvertently opened the curtain to the family’s state of mind a little when she introduced “To Kill a Mockingbird: Main Title,” a piece of music she performed with her sister Deondra, 30. She explained that she first read the famous book as a child, and has since read it over and over again.

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    5 Browns Quintet Perform in Wake of Dad’s Sex Abuse Revelations