Sex Video Girl Sacked From School


    News-One has gathered that the 16-year-old Junior High School (JHS) student who had sex with her 17-year-old lover and was captured on video has been sacked from school.

    Reports reaching News-One indicates that authorities of her school (name withheld for now) said they felt embarrassed by the conduct of the girl and feared she would influence other students to start filming their sexual activities, thus she had been given her dismissal letter.

    A staff of the school however told News-One under condition. Of anonymity that the actual reason for her dismissal was that “the school is a mission school and the church felt uncomfortable about what had happened, thus pushed the school authorities to sack the poor girl.”

    The source disclosed that the church elders and teachers of the school watched the said sex video, now known as ‘Apapa Kamasutra’, and came to a conclusion that the girl would be a bad influence on her friends if she remained in the school. Though News-One would not disclose the name of the school for editorial reasons, it is a mission-owned public school at La-Apapa, a suburb of Accra.

    Interestingly, the girl’s parents have not taken her out of the area and she walks around, with fingers pointing at her and eyes turning in her direction as gossips enjoy a field day, mongering tales of her sex video.

    Meanwhile, a couple of Apapa residents have blamed News-One for the girl’s dismissal from school. According to some of the residents who called the paper’s office through phone, they were disappointed News-One carried the story and drew attention to what the girl had done to an extent that the reports reached her school.

    Her sex partners, the 17-year-old boy who used his mobile phone to film the said sex act, is still in hiding and only few teenage boys in the vicinity know his identity and whereabouts but they have remained mum.

    Apapa Kamasutra
    The said sex video known as ‘Apapa Kamasutra’ was taken by the boy himself. He used his camera phone but mistakenly allowed it to leak and it has since been widely circulated among almost every teenage boy in the area.

    Their faces were very visible in the video and their voices also heard clearly speaking in the Ga language. The sex was raw. No condoms were used. The video starts with both of them already naked except for the girl’s red waist-beads. The girl, as expected, had her hair cut low just as JHS girls are expected to do and she had a striking innocence in her eyes.

    She was seen stroking the penis of her male sex partner and then giving it a long good suck. The school girl was then complaining (in the Ga language) that she was feeling shy because of the camera and the boy responded in the same language that she had no cause to worry because the video would be deleted right after the act.

    The video also captured the boy inserting his penis into the girl and later using the tip of the penis to brush the entrance of the girl’s vagina. The setting was a small room which residents say belonged to the boy. Their clothes could be seen lying on the rubber carpet which had blue designs.

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    Sex Video Girl Sacked From School