Tottenham Manager Redknapp Robbed In Spain


    SPURS boss Harry Redknapp was robbed on a scouting mission at a Spanish football match.He had all his credit cards plus £500 pinched after being jumped by a gang of pickpockets in Madrid.
    Redknapp, 62, was targeted as he walked into the stadium with assistant manager Kevin Bond to watch a cup game between Atletico and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid.
    He said: “They took everything except my mobile – and probably left that because it is so old. It was very quick – it was over before I even realised I was being mugged.”Kevin was behind me and saw it take place – he didn’t do anything about it though!”At least six thieves were involved in the sting before Thursday night’s game.
    Redknapp explained: “I’m walking round the outside of the stadium and it’s a fantastic atmosphere. There are stalls selling sweets and me and Kevin got some. It was packed. “The next thing there are two guys kneeling in front of me and I felt someone pull my overcoat and trouser legs.
    “They distract me more by throwing keys on the floor and now I’m thinking, ‘Is he blind? Has the other fella got problems trying to walk properly?’ “I’m shouting ‘Let go of my trousers’, pushing them away but while I’m doing that they’re rifling my pockets. “I put my hand in my pockets and realised what they’d been up to. But they just disappeared in the crowd.”
    Redknapp was in Madrid to watch players he might want to buy but events left a sour taste. He added: “It turned me off. I’m sure they had no idea who I was. To them I was just some mug in an overcoat.”
    Source: The Sun