Better Ghana Agenda must be supported – Kotei


    The Reverend Solomon S.A. Kotei, General Overseer of the Radiant Light Gospel Mission, on Sunday advised Ghanaians to lend their support for the realization of governments’ better Ghana agenda.
    He said this was necessary because the Better Ghana Agenda was a vision that could not be wished away.
    “The agenda is part of the President’s vision and irrespective of political affiliation and social status, all must help so that it becomes a success,” Rev. Kotei said.
    He said with the right attitude and good conscience the nation would advance.
    Preaching the sermon on the theme; “Our Year of Divine Promptings,” to mark the first Sunday of the year, Rev. Kotei said God would bless Ghana from the presidency down to the grassroots.
    He said through co-ordination, the resources of the nation would be harnessed in a way that all would benefit.
    Rev. Kotei said the Mission believed that “the way our democratic governance has been showcased all over the world, God will give Ghana men and women who are credible and have conscience to put the interest of the nation above any pecuniary gains”.
    Rev. Kotei said in many advanced countries where the spirit of patriotism had succeeded, Ghanaians there had made strides, held very important positions and were helping to shape the destiny of such nations.
    He said with the right attitude those in this nation could do same.
    “We have belaboured in prayers and trusted the Lord to shape the destiny of our nation and gradually our request is receiving God’s attention. For example, cocoa production is stable, diamond and gold are no exception and oil has been found”.
    Rev. Kotei prayed that the country would be blessed with the spirit of good conscience so that the few who got the opportunity to serve would first of all look at the larger interest of the society in order not to repeat the misappropriation, misapplication or mishandling of the country’s funds.