Ghanaians told to unite


    Apostle Dr Samuel Ayisi Larbi, Founder and Leader of the Power of Christ Ministry International, has assured Ghanaians of God’s blessings and unlimited divine protection in the years ahead.
    He said what was needed included unity, love, co-operation, mutual understanding among the various ethnic, religious and political groups and hard work to propel the nation forward.
    In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Kasoa in the Central Region after the watch-night service, Apostle Ayisi advised Ghanaians to “always realize that the very existence of the nation and the people in it is by the grace of God and not by the might of the people.”
    He said besides the oil find recently, God has already blessed the nation with other vital natural resources including gold, diamonds, bauxites, manganese and cocoa.
    “We should therefore make it an obligation to cultivate the divine qualities required for the building of a peaceful, powerful and prosperous nation,” Apostles Larbi said.
    On the outcome of the just ended District Level elections, Apostle Larbi advised politicians to allow the spirit of God to permeate the planning and execution of their individual and collective political ambitions all the time.
    He appealed to contestants of the District Level elections who encountered some challenges during and after the polls to iron them out amicably instead of resorting to violence.
    “The ultimate goal of their involvement in the elections was to help develop their respective electoral areas whether they win or lose and not to generate problems that would throw their areas into confusion and chaos,” Apostle Larbi said.
    Apostle Dr Joel Kofi Ayim, Founder and Leader of the Christ Compassion Ministry International Church, also in an interview at Asamankese in the Eastern Region, reminded the citizenry, particularly followers of Christian principles, to show good example by honouring their tax obligations to the state just as they paid their tithe to the church.
    He called on Ghanaians to come out with ideas that were workable to be implemented in the New Year to support government’s developmental programmes to improve the lot of the people.
    Apostle Ayim, touching on the National Health Insurance Scheme, commended the government for taking measures to correct the mistakes to make the operations of the various mutual health insurance schemes smooth.
    He expressed the hope that religious organizations would pray towards improvement in the development and sustenance of the scheme.