Ghanaians urged not to live by bread alone


    Reverend Kwadwo Ofori-Antwi, Takoradi District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, on Saturday called on Ghanaians to obey the word of God, improve their live styles and ensure the growth of the Church and the society.
    He made the call when preaching on theme; “Do not live by Bread Alone” at a New Year Service at the Trinity Presbyterian Church at Takoradi.
    Rev. Ofori-Antwi said living on bread alone or on material things led to sin, corruption, negative work ethics that negate development.
    He said living on the word of God would enable people to grow spiritually, progress and enjoy prosperity in 2011.
    Rev. Ofori-Antwi said when the nation lives on the word of God, it would promote religious and morality which would produce committed leaders and workforce for the development of the country.
    He said immorality was the greatest problem of the country and armed robbery, using rituals to get rich, and other social vices were the result of immorality.
    Reverend Ofori-Antwi said nobody would have peace of mind by living on bread or material things alone.