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‘I got to work harder to make that happen’

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Take everything positive out of the final and quickly forget about everything else. Stefanos Tsitsipas already wants to look past the Australian Open loss, without thinking about the missed opportunity to win a Grand Slam title and become the new world number one.

The Greek appeared at a press conference after the super challenge and analyzed the setback, acknowledging Novak Djokovic’s strength: “At first I had trouble holding my serve, but I wasn’t nervous. I was very excited to be on track and have the opportunity to fight for first place.

I really wanted to play. Without a doubt there are things that I can and should improve. But I don’t think there’s any reason to be so shocked by the loss. I progressed. I’m looking forward to getting more points this season, getting great results and competing for the most prestigious trophies,” he stressed.

The Athens native continued about the match: “I did everything I could to play a good match against him. My team is working exceptionally well. There is nothing that I have not taken advantage of. There is nothing I could have extracted more.

Novak is a player who pushes you to the limit, but I don’t see it as a curse or something annoying. It is very good for the sport to have rivals and champions like him. He has made me a much better player. He has made my concentration levels higher and higher every time I can challenge him.

It seems to me a very important part of my career to have a tennis player like him to help me grow and do bigger and bigger things”, he commented, also speaking about his game. Tsitsipas almost seems to have turned the page: “Last night I dreamed of lifting the trophy.

But dreaming about it won’t make it happen. I felt like there were times when I was close to winning the set, but in the tie-breaks it didn’t happen. Only bad beginnings. I’ll delete them, keep the good stuff, and go from there.”

Tsitsipas sees no reason to lower his expectations

Stefanos Tsitsipas is determined to become the World No.

1 tennis player despite a heartbreaking loss in the 2023 Australian Open final. “I got to work harder to make that happen. Today was my opportunity to be a world No. 1. I had a better opponent on the other side of the net who did things much better than me.

He deserves that spot currently,” he added. “It’s my time to aim for something like this. I don’t see any reason to be lowering my expectations or my goals. I am born a champion. I can feel it in my blood. I can feel it as a competitive kid that I was when I was young. It’s something that is within me,” Stefanos Tsitsipas said.

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