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JC Lamprecht crowned the new Light Heavyweight champ at EFC 106

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EFC 106 saw the crowning of a new Light Heavyweight champion when JC Lamprecht beat Mzwandile Hlongwa via guillotine choke in the third round following an absolute war.

The first round saw both athletes feel each other out and find their range. Lamprecht tried to make first contact as he shifted in and out, while Hlongwa used great footwork to frustrate his opponent.

In the second round, Hlongwa continued that unorthodox movement before unleashing strong leg kicks and combos with his fists. His low kicks did damage to the left leg of Lamprecht, who struggled to lean on his leg. The CIT athlete did well to endure as he continued to move in and out to try and land shots on Hlongwa, who then dropped a massive knee which saw Lamprecht drop to the canvas before what looked like a tap.

In the third round, Lamprecht showed his championship mentality and played the waiting game, despite all the damage taken. He found an opening and locked in a guillotine choke forcing Hlongwa to tap.

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In the co-main event, Emmanuel Sita and Billy Oosthuizen entertained the EFC fans present at the Performance Institute in their Featherweight bout before the latter landed a devastating knee to the face of Sita, who tapped out as the knockout blow cut his face open.

The fight started with wild exchanges from both camps before Sita got the takedown, which failed to pay dividends as Oosthuizen quickly found his way back up to continue the stand-up festival as both athletes launched everything at each other.

In the second round, Oosthuizen delivered an explosive right knee, landing flush above Sita’s eye and cutting him wide open.

Sita immediately went down as Oosthuizen unleashed a flurry of punches before Sita tapped as the blood streamed down his face.

In the only Women’s fight of the night, Dayne van Wyk and Mishka Laubscher put on a three-round war in their Bantamweight bout, before Van Wyk secured the unanimous decision.

Van Wyk dominated the exchanges and was the more active fighter, as she launched endless combinations with her leg kicks and hands from range. Laubscher proved just how tough and gritty she is as she kept coming forward and did well to brush off Van Wyk’s left and right combinations.

In the second round, Mishka tried to initiate a level change and use her Jiu Jitsu to subdue the striking of Van Wyk, but the unbeaten Bantamweight did well to transition from the takedown before showing off some of her Judo with a beautiful takedown of her own.

Laubscher unleashed another reverse and put Van Wyk on the canvas before the latter found her way to the feet again. From that point on Van Wyk did well to stay at range and launch her low kicks before closing the distance and rushing her opponent, dropping some more combinations before the final buzzer sounded.

In the second fight of the main card, Bradley Swanepoel returned to winning ways after a disappointing Featherweight title fight loss to Igeu Kabesa at EFC 99.

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Swanepoel made his comeback at Lightweight and competed against a former training partner Robert Simbowe. The latter rushed Swanepoel with a flurry of wild and explosive shots, trying to rattle Swanepoel.

The former Featherweight contender refused to be unsettled and quickly found his rhythm before initiating that methodical grind of his – putting his grappling to work and enjoying top control before locking in a guillotine choke, forcing his opponent to tap.

In the prelims, in the first Light Heavyweight bout of the night, EFC veteran Wade Henderson broke a seven-fight losing streak when he locked in an armbar over Willem Smith within the first minute of the first round.

Shortly after touching hands at the first bell, Smith rushed his opponent as Henderson shifted to the canvas and pulled guard before going to work with his grappling before locking in a tight armbar and forcing Smith to tap. This was Henderson’s last fight as the man laid down his gloves after a sixteen-year professional career and 32 fights.

In the opening fight of the night, Sithembiso Hadebe beat Sibusiso Sovendle via unanimous decision (30-26 30-26 30-26).

Both athletes were cautious in their approach, spending most of the first round finding their range on the feet. Sovendle was the first to initiate contact with his leg kicks, hooks, and straights before Hadebe implemented a takedown to level change and try to do some grappling work while enjoying top control.

The script was similar in the second round, only it was Sovendle who locked in the takedown before going to work and looking for a finish which was unsuccessful. In the third and final round, Sovendle secured a big double-leg takedown but was soon penalized for almost eye-gouging Hadebe.

After the referee deducted one point from Sovendle, Hadebe stuck to his strengths, finding another takedown and using his superior grappling and wrestling to dominate his opponent and secure the unanimous decision win.

Main Card


Jc Lamprecht (SA) beat Mzwandile Hlongwa (SA) via tapout due to a guillotine choke in the third round.


Billy Oosthuizen (SA) beat Emmanuel Sita (COG) via tapout due to strikes.


Dayne Van Wyk (SA) Mishka Laubscher (SA) by unanimous decision (30-27 30-27 29-28)


Bradley Swanepoel (SA) beat Robert Simbowe (ZMB) by tapout due to guillotine choke in the first round.


Godknows Ndlovu (ZWE) beat Johannes Rudolph (SA) by tapout due to strikes in the second round

Prelim Card


Kulekhani Hlongwa (SA) beat Roy Lokolo (DRC) via rear-naked choke in the second round.


Wade Henderson (SA) beat Willem Smith (SA) via tapout (armbar) in the first round.


Christopher Matukane(SA) beat Wallace Okosso (DRC) via unanimous decision 30-27 29-28 29-28


Edson Machavane beat Mpumelelo Mngoma via tapout due to armbar in the first round.


Sithembiso Hadebe (SA) beat Sibusiso Sovendle(SA) via unanimous decision (30-26 30-26 30-26)



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