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Devin Haney Doesn’t Want Shakur Stevenson Fight Says Keyshawn Davis

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By Sam Volz: Keyshawn Davis says Devin Haney will vacate his lightweight titles and move up to 140 after he faces Vasyl Lomachenko in May rather than stay at 135 to face Shakur Stevenson.

Keyshawn says he would be very surprised if Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) stays at lightweight to face Shakur Stevenson (19-0, 9 KOs) after the Loma fight, even though it would be a mega-fight that would be a huge match.

After Haney fights Lomachenko, the only big fight at 135, as far as Keyshawn is concerned, is against Shakur. With Haney being so big for the weight class and having to go through a lot of work to cut down to 135, Keyshawn doubts that he’ll want to stick around to face Stevenson.

“I think if he hangs around, he’s going to fight Shakur, but I don’t think he wants to fight Shakur,” said Keyshawn Davis to Fighthype when asked if Devin Haney will stay at 135 after his fight with Vasyl Lomachenko in May.

“I think that’s the only fight that’s worth hanging around if he beats Lomachenko. I would fight the next biggest star, and the next biggest star is Shakur Stevenson.

“I’m saying that after he fights Lomachenko, I don’t think he wants to fight Shakur Stevenson after that. We know s**t that you don’t know. Devin Haney, he don’t. If he fights Shakur Stevenson at 135, I will be so surprised.

“I’d be like, ‘Wow, he really dropped his n*ts and did it.’ I don’t think he’s going to do it, though. It would be a hell of a fight, a mega-fight,” said Keyshawn about a match between Haney and Shakur.

“I would see that fight. Everybody knows I would love to see that fight. After Haney fights Lomachenko, he’s probably tired of making 135. He is big, he’s big. So I’m not say, he’s scared and is going to move straight up.

“But after he fights Lomachenko, that’s a hell of a fight, that’s a mega-fight, he’s probably going to want to move up. He’s probably tired of it.

“Yeah, and little stuff like Lomachenko saying after the [Jermain Ortiz] fight in the ring, ‘Oh, you a heavyweight. You a heavyweight,’” said Keyshawn when asked if he thinks Haney will beat Vasyl Lomachenko.

“I ain’t never heard Lomachenko say nothing like that in his whole career. He was a monster. He wasn’t saying nothing like that. Lomachenko probably feels the same way. He’s getting old and all that stuff, but hey, it’s boxing.

“Nah, with all them surgeries and him getting older, after him fighting 400 times as an amateur, I definitely think he’s on the decrease right now,” said Keyshawn when asked if Lomachenko is still the fighter he was earlier in his career.

“I still think he’s a wonderful fighter, he’s a great fighter. He could still be a world champion, but him being in this bigger weight class and trying to fight all these young guns, these young guys that are hungry like he was when he was coming up, it’s going to be hard for him.

“He had surgeries, with two on his shoulder or something like that. That’s a lot on your body. Even though he didn’t have a long pro career, his career for himself is long period,” said Keyshawn.

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