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‘Novak Djokovic quickly breaks your confidence’, says ATP star

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It sounds impossible that a player can recover as quickly and in good shape from injury as Novak Djokovic does. Or at least that’s the impression he leaves. It is a reality that the Serbian arrived at the first Grand Slam of the season with physical problems, which have prevented him from training 100%, but his talent is such that he has looked impressive in matches.

But ‘Nole’ himself explained how he manages to overcome these obstacles: “It may sound cliché, but you just have to accept it. It’s easier said than done. I feel like things accumulate, they add to each other for whatever reason.

Dealing with all these external and unnecessary factors is not ideal during such an important event, but it has always been a part of my life. Especially in recent years, unfortunately. I try to grow. I try to get stronger. With the experience I have with my routines, I feel like I’m strong enough to know what to do.

I am able to disconnect. I have, of course, a group of people around me who give me the kind of protection I need. I want to keep my mind calm and healthy to keep that vital energy that I need on the track, ”he commented after his victory over Tommy Paul.

“One way or another, the information comes to you. When it does, it’s there, so you have to find a way to accept it, let it go, and not consume your day or your state of mind into something you don’t want it to be, especially before a Grand Slam semi-final or final.

In those moments it is about being totally focused, creating your own space in which you feel comfortable with all your people, “he added in statements taken up by ‘Punto de Break’ Do you think Novak Djokovic mishandles his physical discomfort?

Chardy pays tribute to Djokovic

Jérémy Chardy has lost 14 times in as many confrontations against Novak Djokovic.

In remarks given to L’Equipe, he spoke of the feeling of helplessness he felt several times in front of the Serb. A strong and interesting story. “The really difficult thing about Novak is that he always manages to make you feel that he is only 60-70%, and in fact he is not taking any risks.

He creates a lot of pressure, to think that he has so much left under his feet. He quickly breaks your confidence, makes you feel like you don’t have a chance. Against him, I already wanted the game to end quickly, because it becomes clear soon enough that it’s only a matter of time.

But when it happens to a strong player, like Wednesday Rublev, on a very long court, it must be extremely frustrating,” said the Frenchman.

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