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Burger King commercial lyrics: Inside the Whopper ad jingles driving NFL fans mad during playoffs

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Their burgers are flame-grilled, so don’t be surprised that Burger King is bringing the heat.

The king of commercials over the last few months has been none other than the fast-food burger joint, with the company’s Whopper ads playing ad infinitum during NFL games. 

The jingle has, somewhat annoyingly, already entered the pantheon of great commercial compositions alongside Subway’s “$5 footlong,” Kit Kat’s “Give me a break” and Band-Aid’s “Stuck on me” — maybe that’s because the commercial plays at least three times during every commercial break during the NFL season.

In any case, some who have seen the commercials have found themselves humming the jingle in the shower, annoying their significant other, or conveniently in the local Burger King drive-thru lane, ordering a No. 1, no tomatoes, no pickles and extra cheese.

This may come as something of a surprise, but the Burger King jingle actually isn’t new. In fact, the song has been repurposed from a 1970s ad campaign. Clearly, though, it’s reached a new generation in a big, big — some would say, King-sized — way.

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If your hunger for the catchy jingle has yet to be satiated, if you yearn to have it your way, if you want to rule the day, then The Sporting News has you covered:

Burger King commercial lyrics

There are more than few different sets of lyrics for the Burger King commercials. (Paul McCartney could never.)

Burger King Whopper song

Starting with the original Whopper song:

Whopper, Whopper, Whopper, Whopper,
Junior, double, triple Whopper,
Flame-grilled taste with perfect toppers,
I rule this day.

Lettuce, mayo, pickle, ketchup,
It’s OK if I don’t want that, 
Impossible or bacon Whopper,

Any Whopper my way.

You rule, you’re seizing the day,
At BK, have it your way.

You rule!

In a truncated, remixed version of the song (that is so graciously looking out for your wallet), the lyrics go a little something like this:

Eat like a king who’s on a budget,
Three tasty options, fries, drink and nuggets,
All for five bucks — wait, that can’t be right.
Just confirm that that’s the real price.

At BK, have it your way.

You rule!

Another version of the song, this time, inviting you to bring a friend to get Whoppered:

Two full meals, 5.99 each, 
Whopper, Royal Crispy, two fries, two drinks, 
Double ’em up, or mix and match,
Whatever you want, we’re into that.

BK, have it your way,

You rule!

Yet another remixed jingle, and … wait, is anyone getting tired of this yet?

$5 your way, I rule this day, nuggets, fries, drink,
Bar’s just been raised.
Add Whopper Jr., or something new, 
A Barbecue Bacon Jr., just for you.

At BK, have it your way,

You rule!

Burger King chicken song

Goodness gracious, how many more of these are there?

Marinara, mozzarella, 
Look at this Royal Crispy fella,
Sauce and cheese, crispy chicken,
Italian Royal is what I’m pickin’,

At BK, have it your way,

You rule!

Mercifully, the last cluckin’ one:

Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken,
Italian, spicy, bacon chicken,
Take one bite and it all starts clickin’,
Crown up my day.

Tasted bun and tasty royal sauce,
Got me buzzin’, I’m the royal boss,
Sauce it up and top it with mozz,
Chicken my way.

You rule, you’re seizing the day,
At BK, have it your way.

You rule! 

Watch the Burger King Whopper commercial

If you have been in a coma or have turned on your TV for the first time since 2021, or you just have an unhealthy appetite for the Whopper song, here it is, in all its flame-grilled glory:

Watch the Burger King chicken commercial

Not to be outdone by red meat, the Burger King Royal Crispy sandwich has entered the fray, making for an appetizing co-star for the Burger King Whopper:

Anybody else hungry?

Who wrote the Burger King jingle?

It’s unclear who wrote the jingle, but it’s been used since the 1970s. It’s just been remixed for a new generation of fans. 

For comparison, here’s the old Whopper commercial from 1974, featuring the old-new song:

How many Burger King commercials are there?

There are at least seven Burger King Whopper and Royal Chicken commercials out right now. The lyrics of which feature different aims: Some feature promos and others are just the classic, finger-lickin’ Whopper ads:

  • Original Whopper jingle;
  • $5.99 jingle No. 1;
  • $5.99 jingle No. 2;
  • $5.00 jingle; 
  • Royal Chicken jingle;
  • Royal Chicken jingle (Remix);
  • International Chicken commercial.

NFL fan reactions to Burger King ads

Of course, if you’re an NFL fan like we are at The Sporting Newsyou’ve had your fill of Whopper commercials (and maybe even Whoppers).

While the chain has succeeded at birthing a brain worm, the humor that its spawned makes up for the hours spent humming the tune:

Here’s to hoping you and yours have it your way. 

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