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BBC Sport presenter shares X-rated social media message that made her 'feel ill'

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BBC presenter Emma Jones told a vile troll “as if I didn’t feel ill enough” after receiving a misogynistic X-rated message on social media.

Jones hosts Match of the Day spin-off MOTDx and rugby league on Viaplay, among other shows. She often receives unwanted messages on Instagram and has criticised those who use pictures of her to catfish people on dating apps, including Tinder.

The latest troll to message Jones has offered to pay for her to kick them “in the b****” as part of some twisted fantasy. The famous Leeds fan has highlighted the unacceptable message, which was received while she was recovering from a nasty chest infection.

Jones provided a health update to her 381,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday. She wrote: “I’ve had a few messages asking why I haven’t posted on my [Instagram] story this week (I didn’t think anyone would notice, so thank you).

“I’ve got a chest infection… so I’m in bed with my antibiotics and I honk [smell] of Vicks VapoRub. I’m back filming again on Friday, so I want to make sure I’m well enough for that! In the meantime, I’ll be sure to share any fake tinder profiles I get sent. Lots of love!”

Jones was then sent a screenshot of a fake Facebook profile, which claimed she was living in Preston. She shared it and added: “Right on cue.”

Emma Jones has received misogynistic messages on social media

Jones received this appalling message on Instagram

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Jones then shared the rest of the message from the troll, which read: “Another fake account of you is on… now that I have your attention, can you please kick me in the b****?” I’ll pay”. She added: “As if I didn’t feel ill enough.”

Jones is one of a number of female presenters in football who receive unwanted messages on social media. Laura Woods is also targeted by trolls and defended Jones when she received misogynistic abuse for wearing a dress.

One troll told Jones she would not be “taken seriously” in the industry for posting a picture of her dress, while another unfairly accused her of “sexualising her image”. Jones responded by calling her the trolls “misogynists and dinosaurs”.

Jones wrote: “Thank you to the overwhelming majority of you who have called out the few misogynists and dinosaurs in the replies to this. Unfortunately, it’s usually those people who shout the loudest. I was hosting an awards ceremony and I felt lovely in my new dress, so I wanted to share it.”

Woods supported Jones, writing: “What some people don’t get is… you’re allowed to be both! You’re smart and you’re beautiful. One shouldn’t and doesn’t cancel out the other. I absolutely love seeing other people’s glams, women AND men. And if you stopped posting them I’d be pretty disappointed tbh [to be honest].”

Jones is a rising star in sports broadcasting after working with platforms and companies such as Channel 5, Bauer Media, Viking FM, William Hill and Mola TV. As well as being popular on Instagram, she has also gained a following on TikTok and Twitter.

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