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Roger Federer hilariously tells how he was recently denied entry into Wimbledon

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Roger Federer revealed he was recently denied entry into the The All England Club after a security guard failed to recognize him. In late November, Federer was in Japan for a Uniqlo event. After Japan, Federer went to London to see the doctor for his troublesome knee.

After concluding his visit to the doctor, Federer decided to go to The All England Club for a cup of tea. Outside of Wimbledon, The All England Club can only be visited by its members. But since every Wimbledon champion automatically becomes a member, record eight-time champion Federer is one of the most decorated Wimbledon members.

Federer on forgetting his Wimbledon membership card

“When you win Wimbledon, you become a member automatically. So I’m like, ‘No, I don’t have my membership card but I am a member and I’m just wondering where I can get in,’ and she said, ‘Yeah, but you have to be a member.’

I was like, ‘I’m just asking you again where can I get in’, and she said, ‘The other side, but you have to be a member.’ So I look at her one last time and I’m so sorry, I couldn’t believe and still can’t believe I said this and because I still feel bad about it.

I’d look at her and say, ‘I have won this tournament eight times. Please believe me, I am a member!’ When I said I won Wimbledon eight times, for a split second, I wasn’t sure if it was eight anymore because I thought it ‘was it seven, was it eight? I don’t know’

But I said it because I never talk like this,” Federer told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Federer then went to the main entrance, where he was recognized and let in. “They asked me for my membership card again, but I said they didn’t have it and they just said: ‘Of course Mr Federer, come in,'” Federer added.

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