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Elton Jantjies says agent sent ‘gangsters’ to hound him and collect debt – report

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Durban – Embattled Springbok flyhalf Elton Jantjies says he is being hounded by ‘gangsters’ who have allegedly been set on him by his former agent James Adams to collect outstanding money.

According to Rapport, Jantjies has laid a complaint against Adams with World Rugby after Adams had tasked “debt collectors” with securing a further R800 000 from Jantjies, who had earlier accepted a plea agreement in court and paid Adams R300 000 in October following a dispute over outstanding commission.

It was allegedly the outstanding debt that set off Jantjies’ annus horribilis back in August when a B&B owner claimed that Jantjies had left the establishment without paying a hefty bill he had run up while apparently wining and dining Springbok dietician Zeenat Simjee.

That story set off a chain of soap opera-like events, and now the same newspaper has revealed that Jantjies’ festive season has been dampened by these so-called “debt collectors”.

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The newspaper says Adam has sued Jantjies over breach of contract while Jantjies, in turn, has reportedly filed a complaint with World Rugby against Adams because “gangsters” have been set on him.

When Jantjies was asked by City Press whether Adams had engaged ‘debt collectors’ in the matter, Jantjies replied: “Yes, he did.”

Jantjies has admitted that he spent a period in a Cape rehab in November for the treatment of insomnia, while his wife has said that she is no longer interested in a “romantic future” with him.

And it seems he and Simjee have fallen out. Simjee still denies that she had an affair with Jantjies, even claiming that it was her doppelganger that was seeing Elton, but he has come clean about it.

There is a positive development for the 32-year-old, though, in that he will resume playing next year after signing a contract with French second-division team Agen.

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