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WWE veteran points out the issue with The Young Bucks’ style of wrestling

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WWE veteran Dutch Mantell recently spoke about The Young Bucks’ wrestling style, claiming that ‘slapping the leg and selling the superkick’ is basically what The Bucks do.

Speaking on his YouTube channel ‘Story Time with Dutch Mantell‘, the WWE veteran criticized Matt and Nick Jackson’s in-ring style.

The former WWE manager said that The Bucks are highly talented, however, they need to get rid of the excessive amount of superkicks they use during a match.

Mantell claimed that ‘slapping the leg and selling the superkick’ is basically what The Bucks do during their matches.

“The Young Bucks, I have seen them wrestle, I think they are very talented. If they would take about eighty percent of their superkicks away, everything is a superkick and a slap on the leg. I used to think maybe if they should super kick instead of a guy selling the kick, they sell the leg because that’s what it is. But if I see one more superkick from those guys, it’s one too many because that’s all they do basically,” said Dutch Mantell. [From 2:50 to 3:26]

Jim Cornette suggested that The Young Bucks are better off in Ring of Honor

As you may know, The Young Bucks were involved in a backstage brawl with CM Punk after the recently concluded All Out pay-per-view.

Speaking on Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the wrestling veteran claimed that Matt and Nick Jackson could be sent to Ring of Honor to avoid a further backstage tussle.

A few months ago, Tony Khan announced the purchase of ROH. The Bucks themselves are former Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion. Mantell said:

“Yeah, start two promotions, one wrestling [alluding to AEW] and one gymnastics [alluding to ROH] and let the Cucamongs kids and their friends play there. Of course, then you’re spending a lot of money for no f**king reason otherwise that a bunch of people are godd**n immature childish jackoffs.

The Bucks, Kenny Omega and other stars were suspended following the backstage brawl with no word on CM Punk and Ace Steel’s future with the promotion.

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