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‘Manchester United are rubbish’: BBC apologises for news ticker gaffe

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The BBC has apologised for broadcasting the phrase ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ on its breaking news ticker. The text popped up on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen on Tuesday. The network has apologised and stated that someone was training to learn how to use the ticker and were “writing random things”

Later in the morning, the presenter Annita McVeigh apologised to any Manchester United fans who may have been offended.

“A little earlier, some of you may have noticed something pretty unusual on the ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen with news making a comment about Manchester United, and I hope that Manchester United fans weren’t offended by it,” saus McVeigh.

“Let me just explain what was happening: behind the scenes, someone was training to learn how to use the ticker and to put text on the ticker, so they were just writing random things not in earnest and that comment appeared.

“So apologies if you saw that and you were offended and you’re a fan of Manchester United.

“But certainly that was a mistake and it wasn’t meant to appear on the screen. So that was what happened, we just thought we’d better explain that to you.”

An official BBC statement added: “There was a technical glitch during training with our test ticker, which rolled over to live programming for a few seconds.

“We apologised for any offence caused on air.”

Manchester United ended their worst ever campaign in the Premier League era, finishing sixth and 13 points off the Champions League places. Their final match was a 1-0 loss to Crystal Palace, with new manager Erik ten Hag watching from the stands at south London’s Selhurst Park.

Manchester United scripted another unwanted record in the 2021/22 season as they finished with a goal difference of 0 at the end of the campaign. This basically means that they have conceded as many goals as they have scored throughout the whole season. The last time a team finished with goal difference of 0 in the Premier League was in the 2019-20 season when Sheffield United held the dubious honour.


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