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Grandma, make me normal pancakes, not gluten-free

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Novak Djokovic’s mother Dijana says she loves every second she spends with her grandchildren and revealed her grandson Stefan always asks her to make him regular pancakes, absolutely not gluten-free. Djokovic and his wife Jelena share two kids together, Stefan and Tara.

When Stefan and Tara are with their grandmother, she allows them to do a thing or two they may not be allowed to do while they are with Novak and Jelena. “I am very happy to have grandchildren, Stefan and Tara. We may not spend as much time with them as we would like, but the ftime that I spend with them really means a lot to me and somehow brings me back to my childhood, to the period when my children were little, when I may not have had time to play with them.

I am not here to raise them, mom and dad will, I am here to enjoy them and maybe sometimes break some things that they are nor allowed, but that is the charm,” Dijana Djokovic said during her appearance on Dok Andjeli Spavaju.

Dijana Djokovic: Stefan wants regular pancakes

Novak Djokovic follows a strict diet, which includes food that doesn’t contain gluten. When Stefan and Tara are with their grandmother, she always asks them what type of pancakes they want.

Every time, the grandmother receives the same response – the regular pancakes. “Whenever there is time, we try to see each other, to go to the lake, to walk. They come to our house, so that the grandchildren can feel the warmth of home with their grandparents.

They love my famous pancakes. You always hear, ‘grandma, make us pancakes,’ And then we compete: ‘Which ones do you want, gluten-free or normal?,’ And Stefan says, ‘grandma, normal, let go of those gluten-free,'” Dijana Djokovic added.


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