African liberation must reflect in economic development – PPP

Politics of Monday, 28 May 2018



PPP LOGO22The party says African leaders must provide better living conditions for their people

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has congratulated all heroes and heroines on the African continent whose struggles led to the liberation of African countries from the cascading effects of slavery and colonialism.

Their selflessness, according to PPP, has brought great transformation to the continent and many countries were enjoying the fruits of their labour.

A statement issued on the occasion of African Union Day, which fell on Friday, 25th May, and signed by the National Secretary of PPP, Murtala Mohammed, said even though there was supposedly freedom in many parts of the continent, there were many countries suffering from conflict and insecurity.

To this end, “The PPP demands that the AU should work assiduously to ensure that security on the continent is paramount in all continental discussions. The activities of terrorist groups threatening the peace and stability of the continent cannot be swept under the carpet”.

The party further called on AU leaders to unite in drawing up programmes that will lead to poverty reduction on the continent.

The party believes if African leaders could provide better living conditions and jobs for their people, many of their citizens will not risk using dangerous routes to seek greener pastures abroad.

“African leaders must use the resources of Africa to benefit Africans. Africans need accelerated economic growth, independence, and improved security for all its citizens. Oneness is the key to greatness,” the statement concluded.

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