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What is a Nervous Breakdown And The Signs You May Be Having One

I am sure you have seen some people throwing around the word, nervous breakdown and wondered what it means. Nervous breakdown sounds very serious as though it is a health condition that is capable of causing serious lift threatening harm to ones life but this is not really the case.

In this article in line with a publication on Cleveland Clinic, we are going to be finding out what nervous breakdown entails and also know if it’s very serious as some people insinuate. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What is Nervous Breakdown?

A nervous breakdown is often used by people to describe a situation whereby stress is causing someone to not meet life’s demands. This means the stressful nature of the person’s day-to-day activities is becoming overwhelming on the person and as such, makes his or her unable to meet their own needs and perform daily tasks and activities.

The word was being used by medical experts in the past but of recent, it is called a mental health crisis rather than a nervous breakdown. To the question, is a nervous breakdown so serious? The answer is no and yes in some cases. Reason being that a nervous breakdown can make someone hurt him or herself. Let’s have a look at some of the indications that someone is facing mental health crisis.

Signs of Nervous Breakdown

1. Not showing up for work got one or more rays or calling in sick all of a sudden.

2. If you always miss scheduled appointments or social events due to overwhelming burden on your mental health, then it could be that you have a nervous breakdown.

3. Losing interest in activities or hobbies that brought you joy in the past due to life’s stressful demands.

4. Not wanting to leave your home or be with others.

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