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What to know the Neck Bone Functions

According to healthline – The cervical vertebrae plays an important role in our body. Despite the importance of the neck bone function, injury to this part can cause paralysis and is considered an emergency condition that requires medical treatment.

The neck bone is located between the back bone and the skull bone. This bone consists of seven branches, ranging from the top first bone to the bottom seventh bone. These neck bones are also known as C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, and C7.

The first upper neck bone is called the atlas and is where the head is attached to the neck. The second bone is called the axis, the bone that allows the head and atlas bone to rotate.

Parts of the neck

The seven vertebrae of the neck are divided into two groups: the atypical and the typical vertebra.

The atypical vertebra consists of the neck bones C1 and C2. The bone C1 is called the atlas because its function is to support the weight of the skull, while the bone C2 is called an axis because it is an important axis that allows the neck spine to rotate.

The typical vertebra consists of C3 to C6 neck bones that have similar shape and function. Each of these typical vertebra squares has a bone body, curves, and joint facets on each side.

Functions of the neck

Here are some of the neck bone functions you need to know.

1. Support for neck and head.

The neck bones and surrounding muscles play a role in supporting the neck and head. The function of the neck bone is to provide and maintain the posture of your neck.

2. Structure of the neck

Another function of the neck bone is to form the structure or shape of its neck. Without these bones, the neck has no solid shape.

3. Engage in head and neck movements.

Head movements to the left and right involve movements in the joints located on the neck bone. Not only that, the neck bone plays a role in helping the head move while swinging and turning its neck.

4. Maintain stability and head movement.

There is also the function of the neck bone inining the stability and mobility of the head while moving and connecting it to the other spine. The neck bone is able to do so because it has adequate flexibility.

5. Protects the nerves and blood vessels.

Not only does it serve as a pathway to nerve and blood vessels in the neck, it also protects the nerves and blood veins in the spine from damage. Therefore, injury to the neck should be treated immediately.

Diseases and disorders of the neck

Like other parts of the human body, the neck bone can also suffer from certain diseases or conditions. It can be caused by problems in the neck bone itself or in the surrounding soft tissues and nerves.

Here are some possible disorders and problems with the neck bones.

1. Radiculopathy Servicalis

Cervical radiculopathy is a condition when the nerve of the neck is clogged by a neck bone. This condition can cause symptoms, such as dizziness, numbness, weakness, and pain.

The above symptoms can settle on one area or spread to the entire arm, hand, and finger.

2. Pain in the neck

Neck pain is not a disease, but rather a common symptom that can indicate a variety of injuries and different medical conditions.

Here are some common causes of neck pain.

Degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, disc hernia, nerve constriction.

Injury injury (whiplash).

The mental pressure.

The physical tension.

Bad body posture.

Abnormal growth (tumor, kista, atau taji tulang).

and meningitis.

and reumatic.

The Cancer.

3. Degenerative disc disease of the neck

Degenerative disc disease of the neck is a disease that occurs when the disc in the back neck bones experience aus as you age.

4. Herniated Discussions

Discs or discs serve to provide a pad between the bones so that you can move freely and comfortably.

However, the injury can cause the disc to crack or leak and cause problems on the neck bone. This condition is called disc hernia disease.

5. Tagged bone

Bone growth is an abnormal growth that occurs in the bone. Osteoarthritis occurs in one of the seven limbs of the neck called neck osteophytes.

6. Servical Spondylosis

Cervix spondylosis or neck joint inflammation is damage to the discs and joints in the back neck bone. This age-related condition usually lasts slowly and becomes more severe as age progresses.

7. Injury to the neck bone

Most spinal cord injuries are caused by sudden traumatic shocks that affect the spine.

8. fractures of the neck

Here are some forms of neck bone fractures.

Interruptions resulting from stress, for example, due to mild trauma in patients with osteoporosis.

Broken bones break when the bones crack in all directions.

Bone fractures are the most common condition that occurs as a result of a car accident or falling from a height.

9. Compression of the neck spine

Compression of the cervical spondylotic myelopathy is a condition of pressure on the spinal cord in the neck bone area.

One of the most common causes is osteoarthritis, which is the condition of the neck bone.

10. Stenosis of the neck

The condition of neck stenosis occurs when the spine of the back neck is narrowed. The space inside the narrowing neck bone can reduce the space for the spinal cord and the nerves that are branched from the backbone.

This narrowing can cause pain due to the spinal cord or nerve being irritated, depressed, or clogged.

11. Tumor or cancer

Tumors are abnormal tissue growth. This condition can occur in any area of the body, in the back of the neck. Tumors in the neck bone can be non-cancer (cancer) or cancer. (ganas).

12. Meningitis

The function of the neck bones can also be disrupted due to meningitis. Meningitis is an infection that attacks the part of the meninges, which is the protective layer around the brain and spinal cord.

13. Osteomyelitis

Osteomielitis is a bone disease caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. This condition can also occur in the neck bone. Osteomyelitis should be treated immediately as it can lead to bone death if untreated.

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